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Building Design Services

SKU: PG-S&A-BnM Services

Civil & Structural Design, Analysis, Interiors & Management Services @ Affordable Cost

Feel free to contact and consult with 'BricksnMortar Edesk', the core team of civil engineers, structural engineers, architects, interior designers and other freelance consultants of allied fields of engineering who stand strong on academics & principles of profession, and are the proud founders/patrons of the initiative called: BRICKS-n-MORTAR.com

The Services (some of which are listed below) are offered to the common households on freelance basis at extremely reasonable & affordable costs as compared to what the usual professionals amd professional agencies charge. This, because, BricksnMortar Edesk believes in providing affordable and quality services to the common men & women, and having some meaningful symbiotic relationship with them. The platform loves to sort out the doubts & queries from the everyday life of the common people who plan to carry out a Civil related work (be it construction or upgradation or maintenance or the likes of their homes/ offices/ etc.), or who simply are inquisitive of the basic Civil Engineering related things.

A few of the services offered/undertaken to households include:

  • Civil & Structural Design, Planning & Analysis
  • Architecture & overall interiors solutions
  • Home improvement, renovation & beautification services
  • Project management & allied services
  • Basic as well as advanced 3-D modelling services
  • Cost estimation & allied services like cost optimization
  • Checking of Contractors' works
  • Products & material procurement advisory
  • Overall design and project execution inputs
  • Professional guidance services, etc. etc.

Find 'BricksnMortar Edesk' also on social media handles:

Building Design Services

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Category: Services & Assistance

Manufacturer: bricks-n-mortar.com

Product code (SKU): PG-S&A-BnM Services

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